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Reduce Costs, Protect Surfaces, Enhance Appearance, Simplify Maintenance

VCT, Terrazo, Terracato, Marble, Rubber, Vinyl, Cement, Wood

Ultra-Smart Coatings Company specifies, distributes and installs the most appropriate and effective floor coating systems for industrial, educational, pharmaceutical, hospitality and other commercial facilities.

Our building maintenance solutions enable you to reduce costs and improve appearance. We offer permanent and semi-permanent coatings with low VOC's, little or no odor, fast curing times, and long lasting durability.

Ultra-Smart Products: High gloss coatings (clear and color), aggregate/non-slip products, multiple color aggregate designs, durable industrial epoxies. Anti-graffitti, anti-microbial, UV protection. High stain resistance. Easy to maintain.

Ultra-Smart Services: We consult, train, or supervise your staff; or provide management and labor for full service installations. With Ultra-Smart, your needs are covered.

Ultra-Smart Coatings   Ultra-Smart floor coatings   Ultra-Smart floor coatings

See several photos from floors recently refinished by Ultra-Smart Coatings Company.

For more information, or to schedule an assessment of your facility, please call or e-mail. We'll provide the right solution for your business.

Ultra-Smart Coatings Company

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