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Smart Ice Melt: the best product for melting ice on steps, sidewalks, and driveways.

Protect people, pets, plants, and property. Smart Ice Melt is safe. Safe and easy to handle. Safe for both hands and paws. Safe for the environment.

Smart Ice Melt is packaged in 10-pound bags. Don't hurt yourself lifting heavier products.

Unlike not-so-smart products, Smart Ice Melt does NOT leave an ugly residue on concrete.

Smart Ice Melt is organic, longer lasting, covers a wider melting area, and is proven effective all the way down to 9 degrees below zero.

Longer lasting (up to 2.5 times longer than others) means it needs fewer applications.

Smart Ice Melt saves time, effort, expense, and the risk of harm or injury associated with other not-so-smart products.

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Get TWO 10-pound bags of Smart Ice Melt for $27.95 including FREE shipping and handling! (Note: We add 7% sales tax in New Jersey.) USA orders only. Order as many as you want.

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